Flatmates V Zombies II

After 3 years of development, writer Christopher Hogg and director Hyun Ju Baek, launched Flatmates V Zombies II in 2016. Producers Richard Shannon (London) and Eui Won Jung (Seoul) were also on board and successfully secured Arts Council funding for the musical’s development.

A re-imainging of the original 2013 musical, with new numbers composed by two new composers, Dan Donovan (Ex Big Audio Dynamite) (London) and Hwal-Ran Min (Seoul), the music now truly reflects its international roots. 

I composed two new numbers and musically directed the unstaged productions in London (Tristan Bates Theatre) and Seoul in July 2016. Please listen to one of the newest instrumental tracks from the musical here.

More information here. Watch this space for more Zombies in 2017!



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