English voiceover

Whilst recording the demo tracks for the Flatmates V Zombies musical, I remembered how much I enjoy doing voiceovers and thought I should get back into it. After we finished the final run of the musical and I was recovering from the enjoyable ordeal that is musical theatre, Lonitoy got in touch with me through my father in Turkey. They were looking for an English vocalist for their new English language learning project. What brilliant and serendipitous timing!

I was brought on board as their English vocalist and I’m so glad to see that the project is up and running on the App Store, ready for people to download!

It was unlike other voiceover work I’ve done before as I was required to vocalise words in isolation, but my background in linguistics proved extremely helpful, as well as having my highly trusted network of phoneticians and grammaticians on call for consultation – thanks Cristina Lopez-Bueno and Rebecca Seabrook-Tedd – and also guidance from my wise and knowledgable Logic guru – thank you Michael Neo.

I enjoyed being part of this project so much – I hope to work with Lonitoy again and that I can do more voiceovers in the future.

The applications are now available in the App Store: Combine the Pieces,  The Ship is Coming!, Musical Instruments, Let’s Catch, Matching Game, Our Environment,What’s the Opposite?


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